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Empowering our youth with holistic, practical skillsets to navigate tomorrow’s world!
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Empower Your Child's Growth & Development with Skills of the Future!

Transform your pre-teen or teen’s future with Luminara Academy’s unique programs. Far more than a typical camp, we offer life-changing skills in Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Communication, Resilience and more.

The Luminara Advantage: Give your child an edge in life. Our all-inclusive experience combines fun activities, expert-led sessions, and meals. Participants leave not just with memories, but a toolkit for continued personal growth, making every moment an investment in their lifelong journey of learning and development. Check out our recent program here.

Unlock your child's brilliance at Luminara Academy!

Who’s It For?

Kids aged 9+

What Do We Offer?

Cultivating soft skills – the currencies of tomorrow’s world.

Why Join Us?

The future is unpredictable, but your child’s ability to navigate it doesn’t have to be. At Luminara, we’re not just preparing kids to cope with the future.


Reviews From Happy Learners

We’re dedicated to empowering our youth with holistic, practical skillsets to navigate tomorrow’s world. Here, you’ll discover inspiring stories from our students and parents, highlighting the transformative impact of our educational approach.


    5 star google review

    My two children and their friends attended the March Break Essential Life Skills program and they all enjoyed and benefited from the learning and the experience. This unique soft skills camp is very high quality and was just as promised. The entire camp was thoughfully organized with detailed updates and communication with parents each day. I was very impressed by Michelle, the guest speakers, and staff on their professionalism and passion for shaping young minds with the essential soft skills needed to succeed in today's world.


      Feedback survey

      I was a bit anxious that xx would find it boring since the camp agenda was workshop-looking, but his first word when I asked how his first day was was "awesome!


        Feedback Survey

        I really loved the leadership activity. It was eye-opening for me. This has been fun!


          Feedback Survey

          He enjoyed your camp very much and we look forward to joining your camp in the next opportunity when it comes up.


            5 star google review

            Luminara Academy has truly been a transformative experience for me. Not only did I have a fantastic time with my friends, but I also learned invaluable life skills that will stay with me forever. I would highly recommend Luminara Academy to anyone looking to not only have a great time but also to grow as an individual. Thank you, Luminara Academy, for the unforgettable experience!


              Feedback Survey

              My boys have many great things to say about the camp and they really enjoyed the experience! It was very well organized and I was so impressed with the parent communication experience and also the gift bag materials.


                Feedback Survey

                I enjoyed matching shapes, blindfold puzzle, bubble soccer.


                  Feedback Survey

                  Thank you for the detailed, thoughtful and well organized one week camp offered to XX. I appreciate all the effort you put in. I am very fortunate to find your program. I am sure we will send xx back in the future. Interested to know about your summer camp and many more you can offer.


                    Feedback Survey

                    Luminara offers a uniquely essential course focusing on emotional quality, a rare find in today's educational systems. The camp is meticulously organized, with careful attention to detail and personalized experiences. Michelle and her team elevate the experience by sending thoughtful daily briefings to parents, providing peace of mind and tailoring every detail to meet the specific needs of each student. My son thoroughly enjoyed his time there, and I would highly recommend Luminara to anyone who hasn't yet tried it.

                    we’re equipping them to lead it, by cultivating a range of skills such as:
                    Mind Mastery: The Power of Our Thoughts!
                    Emotional Intelligence & Empathy
                    Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving
                    Adaptability & Resilience
                    Teamwork & Communication
                    Cultural Competence
                    Time Management
                    Financial Literacy (coming soon)
                    Health & Wellness (coming Soon)
                    Digital Literacy & Safety (Coming Soon)
                    Project Management (Coming Soon)

                    Summer Programs 2024

                    Foundational skills for Pre-Teens (9-12)

                    Our week-long adventure is crafted to instill vital life skills through fun, interactive, and hands-on activities. Focused on nurturing communication, teamwork, resilience, and emotional literacy, this program is the stepping stone your child needs to confidently navigate the complexities of growing up in today’s fast-paced world.

                    Key Learnings/Takeaways:

                    • Effective Communication: Cultivate the art of expressing thoughts clearly and listening actively.
                    • Teamwork: Learn the importance of collaboration and contributing to a group effectively.
                    • Resilience: Develop the ability to bounce back from setbacks with a positive attitude.
                    • Emotional Literacy: Gain a better understanding of their own emotions and those of others’, including how to build empathy. n how to connect with others and empathize.

                    EQ-Led Leadership (13-18)

                    Our one-week program is designed for young individuals eager to step into the realm of leadership with an edge. This unique program intertwines the core principles of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with essential leadership skills, communication, and teamwork, creating a well-rounded learning experience for participants.

                    • Understanding Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Discover how emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of impactful leadership, blending self-awareness with empathy and social skills.
                    • Leadership Styles Exploration: Uncover unique leadership style and learn how to adapt it to various team dynamics and situations.
                    • Effective Communication Skills: Develop the art of active listening, constructive feedback, and persuasive communication, essential for any leader.
                    • Conflict Resolution Strategies: Gain practical strategies to effectively navigate and resolve conflicts with emotional intelligence.
                    • Teamwork and Collaboration: Experience the value of teamwork and learn collaborative skills crucial for successful leadership.
                    • Personal Leadership Development: Reflect on and develop your personal leadership style, identifying strengths and areas for growth.

                    Smart Skills Toolkit (10-15)

                    Our program is an innovative blend of key skills and knowledge areas vital for success in the digital age. Aimed at teenagers, ‘Smart Skills Toolkit’ offers a comprehensive curriculum covering Financial LiteracyDigital CitizenshipTime Management, Health & Wellness, and Project Management.

                    Key Learnings/Takeaways:

                    • Financial Acumen: Explore money mindset, earning, saving, smart budgeting and spending.
                    • Digital Wisdom: Gain insights on digital safety, responsible internet use, and managing social media’s impact on mental health.
                    • Effective Health and Wellness: Explore physical health, nutrition, mental well-being, stress management, and mindfulness habits.
                    • Time Management: Develop strategies for prioritizing tasks, setting goals, and balancing various aspects of life.
                    • Project Management Essentials: Learn bascis of project planning and execution.
                    what we do

                    Luminara Academy

                    Prepare Our Youth For Tomorrow

                    We equip participants aged 9+ with essential, real-world skills needed to thrive in a fast-paced and evolving world.

                    Instill Holistic Learning

                    Our programs are designed to plant seeds of adaptability, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, leadership, cultural understanding that will allow participants to flourish in their daily lives.

                    Go Beyond the Classroom

                    We offer engaging, hands-on learning that goes beyond traditional education, focusing on practical skills and progressive mindsets.

                    Cultivate Collaboration

                    Our programs emphasize the importance of teamwork and effective communication, key competencies in today’s digital world.

                    Create Future Leaders

                    We’re dedicated to empowering our participants to become leaders, innovators, and responsible change-makers of tomorrow.

                    Provide Cutting-Edge Education

                    We stay ahead of educational trends, ensuring lifelong personal and professional growth for our participants.

                    Summer programs


                    Preteen students with books in park

                    Foundational skills for pre-teens (9-12)

                    Ages: 9-12

                    Launchpad: Navigating Success At University & Beyond

                    Ages: 16-22

                    Hong Kong

                    Discover hidden emotions. Emotional intelligence versus logical intelligence (EQ versus IQ). Concept with iceberg.

                    EQ-Champion Series

                    Ages: 9-13
                    Diverse Group Of Students With Backpacks Strolling Confidently Through The City

                    Future Leaders Bootcamp

                    Ages: 12-17

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